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Rechtsanwältin Liebscher
Andrea Liebscher - Attorney

I am a Leipzig-based German criminal defence lawyer and an officially licenced specialised attorney for criminal law (Fachanwältin für Strafrecht).

I support clients during criminal investigations, represent them as a trial attorney before first and second instance courts and in appeal procedures.

I am licenced to represent you before any German criminal court.

Criminal Law

Feel free to contact my office (>> jump to contact form) if you need consultation or representation regarding any kind of criminal offence under German law:

Wirtschaftsstrafrecht Anwältin und Mandant LIEBSCHER Rechtsanwaltskanzlei

About me

I received extensive training in criminal law and procedure and have worked in this legal field exclusively ever since I started my practice. Apart from developing my expertise as a defence attorney and being a member of several professional networks, I am also a part time university lecturer in criminal law.

Panorama von Leipzig

Just as my clients, who are individuals and small businesses, I am an independent solo practicioner who values absolute confidentiality and individual client care.

I am fluent in English and I’ll gladly help me English speaking clients through German criminal proceedings while conducting all client-attorney communication in English.

Foreign-language clients

If you need help with a criminal case and you are neither German nor English speaking, please note that under German law everybody is entitled to the use of a translator for free. You can either bring your own translator to our consultation or just let us know upfront if we have to call in a translator for you.

International Criminal Law

You may also contact me if you are dealing with a cross-border criminal case, e.g. regarding matters of extradition, international or European arrest warrants.

German Criminal Law Basics

Justitia - Pflichtverteidigerin LIEBSCHER

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